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With the ongoing shortage in the UK of both healthcare workers and care workers continuing to burden private and public health and social care services, the process of sourcing, recruiting, and migrating nurses from outside of the UK offers a vast resource to help stem the problem.


Care2Nurse have developed an excellent track record in helping both private and public health and social care providers more easily navigate the process.


Care2Nurse and our partners have been supplying medical professionals to the NHS and private healthcare since 2014 and have developed a specialism in the ethical relocation of thousands of international healthcare professionals into permanent roles in the UK.

STEP 1: Pre-Contract

  • After identifying the appropriate candidates, all of whom have undertaking an English Language assessment with an IELTS instructor, we conduct a screening through a preliminary interview. This is a crucial step, which helps us ascertain that the candidate matches the provider’s requirements. To make this process unbiased, the interview is conducted online by an experienced Care2Nurse team member that can assess English proficiency, personality and attitude in qualifying suitability for the role.


STEP 3: Starting UK Employment

  • The resettlement of nurses arriving in the UK is vital to ensure that they are able to deliver their best performance in the workplace. To assist this process Care2Nurse manages the entire immigration journey. From booking flights and taxis to providing arrival food packages, we play an active role in helping arrivals settle. Our transitions team offers a meet and greet pick-up service with full hospitality and welcoming services included, supporting students with the transition to life in the U.K.

STEP 2: Job Offer / Contract Stage


  • Employers select candidates to interview via a video platform and then choose candidates for the roles available and issue offer letters. The Employer then provides contracts of employment and issues those as part of the visa application via the Care2Nurse immigration and legal team. Contracts are drawn with additional clauses surrounding the immigration commitments where we typically have candidates committing to 1-3 years in their roles.


STEP 4: Training

  • For our nurse to care students we provide them with an extensive package of training. For those wanting to remain in the care sector, we offer various training packages to support with their career development and pathways.

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