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Care2Nurse source and supply nurses, relocating from a number of regions of the sub-continent, qualified to NHS standards with a minimum Level 5 English who are content to work as care assistants on a 36-month contract whilst obtaining their NMC PIN.


This offers an excellent long-term source of both care assistants and nurses to help organisation meet their recruitment objectives in both the short and long-term.

STEP 1: Pre-Contract

  • We manage the entire process from candidate sourcing in the country of origin through to their arrival in the U.K. Our registered agents in the country of origin undertake screening through a preliminary interview process including background checks appropriate to the country of origin.


STEP 3: Offer & Compliance

  • Once the decision has been made to offer a candidate a position, the compliance process begins. Our cloud based monitoring system allows providers to monitor progress in real time. At Care2Nurse, we take pride in the integrity of our compliance process and believe it’s another attribute that sets us apart from the rest.

  • Before anything is spent on DCoS allocation, travel or accommodation, we carry out rigorous checks, endorsed by the provider, to make sure candidates meet the rigours of health and social care compliance.

STEP 2: Candidate Interview


  • The process from interviewing a qualified nurse to them starting work in the UK is typically completed over 45 days. Nevertheless, there are a number of potential delays, most of which Care2Nurse are experienced in avoiding, limiting or circumnavigating. We offer legal advice from experienced immigration lawyers to assist in navigating this process as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


STEP 4: Migration & resettlement

  • Finding and securing suitable accommodation can be an arduous, complex and difficult process. For clients that do not have the resources to undertake this process internally, we work closely with a number of the UK’s largest letting agents and can assist in sourcing accommodation where required as close to the place of work as possible.

  • The resettlement of nurses arriving in the UK is vital to ensure that they are able to deliver their best performance in the workplace. To assist this process Care2Nurse manages the entire immigration journey, from booking flights and taxis to providing arrival food packages

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